The Rising incidents of money rituals; Before you blame the Movies!


The rising incidents of money rituals across the country will generally be attributed to everything except the actual motivation behind it. Poverty is not the reason behind it, for there has been poverty in all generations. And there are well to do people venturing into rituals and occultism for one reason or the other. 

Lack of education is not the reason behind, for there are many without education who work hard to achieve their goal in life and there are many who have been educated and are actively seeking supernatural ways to achieve their life goals.

Movies has been blamed by many as the motivation behind the rise! Indeed, movies only reflect what is already prevailing in our society, albeit with exaggerations and most of these movies always have sad ending for the perpetrators to warn and enlighten about the negative repercussions of venturing into rituals.

The desperation in the land to acquire wealth by all means is a result increasing glorification of materialism and honouring ill-gotten wealth. This is further magnified by the rising population of miracle promoters and quick fix/shortcut experts.  Prophets, clerics who preach prosperity and promote ostentatious lifestyles have become the tingods in our society today. They garnish their religion activities with series of obligations that psyche the mindset of their followers and psychologically isolate them from those who are ahead in term of achievements. This in return, makes it look like something is wrong with them for being late to achievers' club. Consequently, fueling the growing search for something from nothing.

Young people today are no longer taught the value of hard work and consistent endeavours, but smart work and shortcuts. While Smart works means something else to average hard working people, to the lay ones, it simply means finding any route to avoid labour of work.

I have seen youths of 21 year old desperate to drive latest car and acquire expensive gadget(s). They will do anything achieve this. And if their efforts does not yield their target, they will assume that something wrong with them. All sort of tricks that require sitting around and making cool cash are tested, tried. It is also this mindset that has been contributing to the massive migration to other climes in search of greener pastures. For better and for worse.

Parents are at the root of this. Unfortunately the they will passed their responsibility to government. To get married, for instance, they push the couple into extreme in the name of tradition and what have you. Lefe is rising. Wedding cost are no longer simple. Thereby pushing women into looking for men who can afford their lifestyle. And driving many men into search for money  to show their manliness.. It doesn't  matter how they get the money and put the resources together.. Men and women are driven to extreme to please their families and the society. The fear of failure has resulted in mounting  desperation.

To achieve their goals, religions become final destination, mainly because they promise quick fix under the guise of prayer. The clerics are the doctors, psychologists, magicians, spiritualists, bankers and what have you. The inclination toward seeking sanctuary in religions has more to do with money, marriage and fear of unknown.  Those who are rich fear regressing to poverty, while those who are poor are scared of dying n abject poverty. Those who are in between think it is a shame! 

The way we measure success and failure this days have contributed immensely to the situation we are .
I am not a moralist, but there is a trend among is that have clearly show us that we are in perilous time. Our escape tendency lend toward blaming politicians for societal failures which originated form families and religion dogmas. Movies are not teaching us rituals, they are only relating the scourge within our society that we have chosen to turn blind eyes to until overwhelm us. We have to return back to the root. And if we think that is a long way to go, we should brace up for worse time ahead. 
I am Isqil Najim (@isqilnajim)

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