Let's Patronize the poor with Smile on our Face

 The look on the woman and here resignation to fate after the rejection of her product caught my attention.

It was a looked that suppressed pain and agony behind a smile. It was a look that is common among many of our people in markets and open streets today.

They sit under the sun for hours to sell the little, and sustain their families. They know crimes, but chose to embrace dignity in labour.

The tear of joy that flows after realising it was a prank, is what many will love to experience every day in their private after a daily outing but did not often.

While our purchase are small, and sometimes insignificant in our eyes, they are big and heavy in their hearts.

It is the same for the people who work for us and it is the same for the artisans earning little wages.

Our world will be much better If patronise the poor with smile on our face.

As we give out charity to poor, let us remember another form of charity which lies in patronising poor and struggling people who venture into honest business .

"And He will provide for them from an unexpected source; God will be enough for those who put their trust in Him. " Quran

Let's be their "unexpected source" through patronage of their products

I am  Isqil Najim

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