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Why are You Silent?

A lot of times, we see so many things around us that are so wrong. But because they comes from people we respected, love or can't afford to offend, we train our eyes to look other way.

Our mouth and pen will be energized and go full throttle when same or  lesser demeanour originated from people we have no emotional or moral attachment to. Worse, if the offender is on the side of our opponent. Worst if they are our enemy! 

Our society invented words like hypocrisy, deliberately. It used to sting when directed at us but not anymore. Many of us now wear the badge openly. Of course, there are always excuses to justify everything. People now exhibit hypocrisy in open space. 

Silence is the easiest road we drive our ourselves when we are heading to the gate of hypocrisy. It is also the road we take when we are fed up and have concluded that our best approach to maintain sanity is to keep our mouth shut and close our eyes toward the obnoxious sight.

The Question I asked myself when I am silent is: is my silence because I am feed up and need to protect my sanity, or it is because I am shielding the evil? Fortunately for me, the answer is always clear. 

My name is Isqil Najim, follow me on Twitter @isqilnajim

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