my comment: Keep your head up!

The problem is, people who have acquired  education through  learning by rote always consider intellectual activities to be limited to their academic paper, and ability to blow grammar. The quality of their reasoning is defined by the grade on their paper. Most of them don't even know the definition of intelligence, it scope etc. And among those who do, are those who are severely limited in their application. 

Have you ever ponder on why some professors with their mind-blowing grammar and diction still fail simple test? Have you ever wonder why people who achieve great intellectual accomplishments, are often people who were once assumed to be crazy for not thinking like everyone?

These days, we judge people who are sick by their situation  when they are sick and not when healthy. We judge old men who suffer momentary  memory loss by their old age. We judge intelligence by ability to dazzle the crowd.

Many people won't understand what you are driving at so keep your argument. Social media produces mob mentality in a way that Block some People from objectively assessing situation and even exploring. 

In an intelligent setting, the issue you raised should have provoked some positive thinking and exploration of the Roadmap to power and some other factors but it was rooted in irrelevance because the minds of the adjudicators have been closed to analytical thinking.  "Everyone else is wrong if they don't agree us", is the mindset that produced Satan, Pharaoh, Hitler etc ..

The question  they could have asked you is what is intelligence? And then proceed towards objective analysis. They will have had far more productive engagement. Before schools were introduced we had millions of people who were super intelligence. How were they measured? Etc  anyway you tried. 

Do not be afraid to walk alone even if the world intimidate you. Albert Einstein said the one who follow the crowd will usually get no further  than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before. 

Many people  simply don't know how to separate politics from reality. They look at everything  in life from mirror of social media trolls and misinformation.  Keep your head up! You have spoken!

This comment was triggered by a conversation  where a young man was trying hard in the midst of trolls to explain why he thinks a certain politician is intelligent even though the public perception says otherwise.

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