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Echo of my mind: with faith, you are too big to fail

One of, if not the most important treasure  you can possess as an individual  is faith. The faith that welcome disappointment  and setback and drive you forward even when you barely see what is ahead. By faith, i do not mean burning candles and keeping vigils  at religion centres. I refer to  that extraordinary  human unseen power to  hold on when nothing is in sight.

You are filled with hope, expectations  and confidence that end is not now until the end is the end. You lifts yourself up and move at your  own pace, even though blindfolded by your current reality: the belief that there is a way and your  determination  to find that way activates the inner eyes as you begin to exercise  your willpower.

Then, as you walk consistently and knock persistently with faith, absolute sincerity  of purpose, you found the road right ahead of you.

And to your chagrin, whatever it is that blindfolded you vanishes. Leaving you to trudge  ahead and take charge of your fate.

With faith backed by positive action, you are behemoth too big to fail.

I am Isqil Najim

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