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When you have learned to discover yourself

When a soul have learned to discovered self,
when it has gone deeper than ordinary souls,
when it has discovered the secret behind it existence,
when it has learned to use the sixth sense,
when it has been able to distinguish between desire, ambition and reality,
when lust fear it approaches and hope supply the hug,
when it passion has completely disolved into it essense,
when he has clearly understand that every man is equal, and every equal is man.
.and that the thin line between it and angel is love..
It will love unconditionally ..
First..itself.. next... humanity.
A priceless and bottomless love toward all.
Beauty and ugly...
Man and animals...
That is true love.

Not everyone know this!
Most manage to cling to fantasy and paddle their lives
like canoe across the ocean of life....
Some made it,
others are broken by the storm,
others are rescued when the real sailors approach
...and still many simply surrender
...and flow with the tide,
until they meet their end
...for better for worse..

Only sage can truly love..
Fool paddle through the emotional seas
...and float aimlessly!

Isqil Najim

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