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Echo of my Mind: The people you need to be scared of

They are always vibrant and active.  Always loud when it comes to concurring with good ideas at meetings and official gatherings.  They are the first to raise the glass and say cheers to the original  innovators- the man of the moment... and hug the winner with prolong admiration. Their charisma blindfolds everyone into acceptance without questioning.

When the meeting is over; when the party is over, they are the telescope that see all the happenings within the organisation and then gossip privately with the "man of the moment".  They call themselves "concerned friend" and "professional.colleague", to receive our unabashed patronage. They reveal all our "enemies" and "haters" who are not happy with us  within the organisation to us so that "we can stay away from" them. "Be careful of that man, he has been acting strange", they warned privately with utmost concern.

Unknown to us, behind us, they also approach other members of the team, notably those that they have asked us to stay away from and tagged us arrogant, self centered and selfish. Our "haters" of course believe in these "charismatic social  telescope" who grin from ear to ear in order to build image for himself.

One fine morning, when our success have been assured, the, "charismatic social telescope" begin to work silently  to pull us down and show the world they are better than us. They use their association with is as a proof that the have been in constant touch, building ideas and helping us in various propositions that have won us laurel and name.

"We did it together as team" is often their rallying call to appeal to power brokers and idle ears. Be it elective or appointment position. Their treachery knows no bound. They will do every, anything to share in the glory they had no input and go further to work towards cornering same all to themselves even if it means pulling us down from our modest ascension and turning us into ruin.

Watch out for such animals in your team. They seek praises and recognition  through the appellation of love. Give them all these and you will soon be facing a monster whose appetite  for power; whose for craves personal glory is endlessly wrapped in intrigues hidden behind their friendship and love.

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