A democracy plane with seriously faulty engine

 Sleeping Pilots and faulty plane
As far as my eyes on the Senate issue can see... I can see Nigerians, many Nigerians acting like victims who had been given a morally bankrupt senators and they are angry and displaying utter helplessness in the face of this national comedy center called senate..

But I beg to think differently. . Senators are products of your "thump" at the last election. Did many of you not reasoned that one good man with integrity at the centre is what you need to make the system regain sanity? Did many of you not consider some of us calling for scrutiny of the characters going to national assembly as ignorant ? The system will purge itself, you said.

While a lot of focus had been on the presidency. . Very little has been on the Senate aside the usual scandalous scripts they release when then need to arm twist the presidency to squeeze out their (selfish) demand as situation arises.

How many of us have taken it upon ourselves to flood their constituency offices nationwide with protest and how many of us have been scrutinising the next batch of "comedians" who would be coming up in 2019 to seek our votes as law makers ? How many have identified different set of law makers who can replace the current ones in the next election?

While we know so much about the people who may likely show up for presidency we no idea of who would represent us or is good for the job at the legislative level. Most of us don't even know who our senators is nor bother to ask them to give report of their stewardship.

Our situation is like people who spend 10 years searching for a brilliant pilot to convey us to a destination by air in a nonstop four years journey. But after long and arduous search we found two. Then we gave them a rickety plane with a beautiful exterior, a leaking fuel tank, worn engine fan blades contaminated air conditioning heat exchangers.

Then we dress in our most beautiful clothes and hurry ourselves into the plane with absolute faith in the pilots to convery us to our destination. The moment we are on air, we noticed the malfunctioning engines but still hoping on the pilots to use this skill and wit. We have done this before and will do it again, we keep telling ourselves... hoping on luck and prayers!

The law makers are the plane which president must pilot to land us at our destination. And this plane is faulty. Having a good pilot is not enough. A sleeping one for that matter!

If you are happy to go through the ritual of looking for one saint man in Aso rock while giving no damn about over a hundred men whose approval or disapproval of his policy can make or Mar him, then you had better get used to the series of drama and unpleasant political entertainment they would regularly release to public. That is what you voted.

In democracy, you can't ignore the law makers. They are the element that differentiate dictatorship from democracy. People who failed to get executive positions should not be unduly compensated for positions at legislative arm. It is among these People that most of the ills from the legislative arm sprang from as they try to assert themselves and prepare for next political battle to bulldoze their way into executive arm of government.

The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest with authority either in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches. so said, John Witherspoon


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