Do you Plan to or are you actively working toward Building Your Political Fortune on the Foundation of Flagrant Criticisms?


Some people think the only way to pilot their way into political relevance is to be anti-Government and ever critical of everything including ones where,  they personally (and silently) agree with,  and would have executed same in similar circumstance...So they expended a great deal of their productive time looking for a way to take the government to the cleaner. The good from government and anyone connected to government is better hidden than acknowledged as this hurt them and emotionally grief them. 

Such people think because it "appears" to have worked for someone, it would work for them. Many Young people and naive political aspirants have destroyed their chance in earning leadership trust through this attitude. Some get so overtly critical that they abuse almost everyone and anyone who hold an opinion that is contrary to theirs. Some become so engrossed in this "occupation" that they didn't notice they have transformed from gentlemen into e-Thugs! And Many ended up making their would-be electorates got scared of them more than the existing ones they want to supplant. 

The other disturbing aspect is when you see these people, who were hitherto highly principled before entering the political space, becoming sympathetic to everyone that has problem with government. From murderers, to looters, to ex convicts, militants and even armed robbers etc, they have no qualm in putting their integrity on the line by supporting them and making up arguments about witch-hunting (if that person had been a part of anti government parade) and not about whether the accused are indeed found wanting. To them Justice is only done when government in power intervene in judiciary system in favour of opposition.

It is in the nature of politics for opponents to try to exploit each other weaknesses to gain advantage. The real politicians however recognise that they all have similar goals. The successful politicians are not foolish enough to jump behind every cause; at least not so openly and blindly unless they know it is something they would win or they have resigned to losing their political base... they let their foot-soldiers do the dirty jobs. 

The foot soldiers come in many forms. they can be fanatical supporters (drafted from ethnic/religious jungle or loyal party supporters or Civil society groups) and they can be paid agents who think they are earning decent employment but in reality they're being used as cat-paw. They are the proverbial Athenian scapegoats which are regularly "maintained in large number" and allowed by their sponsors  to thrive to become social nuisance. And when "calamity befall the the city," or the masses went off in rage, the scapegoats are sacrificed (morally or physically) while their sponsors assume the roles of purifiers and consolidate their grip on the masses. In the same way, when the politics of abuse and insult backfire, the big masquerade behind the supporters would naturally sacrifice or disown them to redeem his image .

Strategically placed politicians criticise each other openly. But take note how they do it with methodical precision. The ones who do dirty jobs of outright attacking opponents and spewing expletives are those whose political career are either over or depended on their attachment to a specific influential politicians to appoint them or perhaps lift them up should things work for them. They hardly win election or become politically relevant on their own by virtue of their vitriolic adventures, beyond being used as instigators by the smarter politicians.

Therefore to younger people who are craving a niche in politics, do not be tempted by the lure of your social media following and approvals. These are for the emotion and for the crowd. the crowd always back people who lead in moments of rage but once they have seated individually and overcome their rage, they make conscious decisions. That is why when you throw your hat in the ring and try to contest election, you barely get any vote aside your own vote and perhaps a few close friends. We have seen this played out many times already. 

Don't build your political aspiration on alter of flagrant criticism and don't think being anti government in talks and in deeds will give you your desired break in politics. Truth is bitter, this would only give you flash fame. But in the election proper, it will play against you.

I do not advocate blind support to anyone or government, but people should learn to be themselves and know when it is very wise be fair in judgement instead of being trapped in crowd mentality syndrome. You can still criticise government or organisations without personalising or ruining your own image. It is called constructive criticism for a purpose. And in many cases, genuine leaders take note of such persons just as the people.  But if you have no regard for your reputation and really only want to be the spoiler for others, you are in a deserved business.

I admire the advice of  Ioan Tnner  when wrote: there "are three kinds of criticism: friendly, indifferent (or objective) and hostile, each with its function. Do not confuse them. They have different aims and rules which you should keep in mind when you give critique and recognise when you take it.......friendly criticism would end with help; objective criticism must conclude in constructive solutions; hostile criticism ends up in blame, rejection and other harm."

Finally, as someone once said "When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical."

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