Big Brother Naija and the Nigerian Moral Evangelists

To the best of my knowledge, even as  novice on TV  matters, there are over 50 channels  on GOTV, over 100 on DSTV but only one out of these air Big Brother whatever... On this matter, it is Big Brother Naija.

By common sense, viewers who are unhappy with a channel  can always switch  to the one that brings smile to their faces . And those who are fanatically religious can also have a pick among the religion channels on display. The only religion that can complain of being left out are the traditionalists. They do not have the finance and the resources to have 24/7 TV programme that showcase their values and reach out to new converts. Indeed, they have been the more tolerant among man-made religions in Africa.

Aside this, there are also other educative channels... The main reason I subscribed to the service is to watch Science Channels and Documentaries. . And maybe to let my guests have something to look at when I am becoming a boring host. 

In the past few days, various individuals and  groups from the two prominent "foreign" religions have been on high speed moral Train. Each telling how evil and morally degrading the Big Brother Naija is; while in actuality, are just promoting the programme. They called for its ban and ranted about its wastefulness and moral ugliness. Some went further and wonder why the money spent on it is not invested on some educative programme. . Haba! 

In truth, I don't even know what this programme is about until I started getting the viral (Broadcast) BC on social media especially Whatsapp. And I had to first Google and later locate the channel which was quietly tucked away among the numerous other channels  . In other word, I, like many others were sold the programme, by the moralists who wanted it banned. But unlike many others, I do not find it repugnant. Rather, I saw hypocrisy written in big font in the messages of the moralists. 

My take is:
Anyone who don't like the programme and is feeling disturbed by it should begin to reevaluate himself and understand that he has failed in his own duty. You cannot know it is filled with immorality unless you have been secretly watching it- whether partially or fully. And you can't be so incensed  about it unless you are convinced that your own path is unattractive to others. And the only reason why you will continue to be upset is if you continue to watch the programme and follow the events on it.

People who want Big Brother Naija removed should first remove their GOTV/DSTV; or better still become better parents or more effective preachers in their churches and mosques.  If your children or followers are sitting 24/7 in front of TV watching the BBN then the failure is not in the NBC (National Broad Casting Commission) or the multi-choice.. The failure is in your parenting and it calls for critical reexamination. The reason they have dozens of other programmes is to satisfy diverse viewers. I know some would say what about internet. The truth is there are much worse contents on internet and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about them. You just have to assume the responsibility to educate your wards and control yourself.

Take your preaching to your churches and mosques where they are better useful and stop bombarding people who don't believe in your creed with messages on how to live their life. The fact that the religion channels  are receiving less viewers than BBN and other so called immoral channels is a sign that the purists need to change tactic...It is also an indication that the viral daily religion sermons on social media especially on Whatsapp  had failed woefully.

As for those who say that the organisers should have invested the money on educative projects. Some even mentioned science: my question is: How many of the existing educative and science channels have you mobilised support in favour, to encourage large viewership? How much of your internet data have you invested in broadcasting sych programmes? You see, the investors are pouring money on these BBN and other similar projects because they are making money from them. They are paying so large compensation to the winners because the programmes attract a lot of viewers and by extension they are able to recoup their money and even reinvested. 

Rather than continuing with the campaign for ban of the BBN, the moral purists should acknowledge their own failure and return to drawing board. The bombardment of people with dozens of morning sermons, afternoon reminders and evening digests on social media, most of whom reminded us about hell-fire, Salvation and evil is driving people crazy and they are serving the reverse purpose from which they were created. They are pushing people into apathy and making them search for peace of mind elsewhere.

You cannot change a popular porogramme by just tagging it as immoral. Not in these days. You would only be promoting it after igniting the curiosity in the mind of your readers. Instead of giving it free airtime and promoting it, why not create an innovative moral TV programme and give it publicity. You can even award 25m Naira to Moral champion. It is the same with people who think the money is best channeled to promote science and technology. Ironically, such people are often nowhere to be found when one is desperately looking for support for science and technology programme. Their airtime and data will finish exactly when you need them to give such programme free broadcast.

The way to correct sweet evil is not to preach endlessly against it. It is best to give the victims alternative that is meet their aspiration and is better than what they are accustomed. If there is no alternative, then the targets would naturally continue to maintain loyal affinity to their existing option.

I am @isqilnajim

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