We feast on hope because it is the only insurance that pays Premium

Hope is a refreshment we long for when our emotions are in arid land. We drink from it as fish drink from the river. Hope is what keep us alive.

We feast on hope because it is free and readily available. It is a tonic that sustain us in time of hardship, a music that titillate our mind when the world around us is plunged into mourning...

Hope is a refreshment we long for when our emotions are in arid land. We drink from it as fish drink from the river. Hope is what keep us alive.

Some of us understand that hoping against hope is silly, but most of us love the thrilling feel of illusion dancing in our mind. We want to believe that it is possible to have a better tomorrow regardless of how today is running itself. We want to believe that somewhere in the sky is a hidden eye which apportion luck and dispense fortune according to the gravity of our hope and expectations. So we aim so high and we feel good afterward without fearing a drop.

Some of us had to go extra mile and then bring the dream to fruition while some of us die in ocean of expectation with the music unsung inside of us. Some did their best, scratch the earth and walked across the land in search of the green grass upon which to grass our mental cattle.

Some are lucky as the stumble upon their fortunes. Some had their fortune hauled at them that they didn't know what hit them until it is gone. Some keep walking and working, yet no matter how hard they try, they are always walking on the desert and the only river they could see ahead always turn out to be a mirage.

Have you done better than those who failed? Think of those who work harder than you but never come close. There appear to be unfair laws operating as far as human fortunes are concerned. Yet, the man who said the race is not for the swiftest not the fastest" was probably right even though he too never stop running. Though he forget to warn that some people will do anything to reach their goals even if it is to sacrifice their fellow men.

I look all around and I have no doubt that hope is what keep us alive. No matter the level of your attainment, nourish your hope. The hopeless man is a walking dead. If you are a high flier with all the world already at your feet; keep hope alive that you will not encounter misfortune from any quarter you are (un)familiar with. Those who have ignored this have woken up after a life of near perfect bliss to find themselves at the lower rung of fortune ladder.  if you are living in abject poverty with your daily hour pre-occupied with how to make end meet, keep hope alive. Many in your shoe have woken up after expecting to transit to the world beyond only to encounter breakthrough that elevate them to the level princes.

Are you terminally ill and you yearn earnestly for death to end your agony? Tale abounds of many who were condemned to death only for them to not only recovered, but also live longer than those who passed death sentence on them.

Perhaps it is job that you have been waiting for 5 years after graduation? Hope is the only opportunity you have that will keep you off the thought of suicide. Or your 10 year old marriage has been desperately yearning for the fruit of the womb? Keep hope alive.

These days, it is almost impossible to see a man without his own headache. Everyone has his trouble which he chooses to manage in his own peculiar way . Everyone is running after something. Everyone has his need and expectations. Whatever you see in your neighbour's compound should not drive you into envy and emotional depression. You never know what you have that they envy. Confront your own challenge and you will be better for it.

While I dwell on the need to have accumulation of hope and firmly believe that hope gingered with faith will save many souls from dying prematurely, or failing abysmally from undertaking in which they are favoured to enjoy success., Hope is what can prevent people from getting lost and hence floating aimlessly on the sea of life when the storm hit their ship, 

I recognise another truth. Hoping against hope is one of the greatest tragedy to befall anyone. Be realistic in your situation and match your expectation after the peculiarity of your condition. You should not be hoping you will become a millionaire tomorrow while you spend your today eating up all you earn. You should not be hoping you will get a job tomorrow while you spend your day gossiping and a envying your friends in high places and refuse to develop yourself in preparation of your dreamed job. You should not expect your baren wife to conceived when you are already certified impotent. You should not expect to reach your destination without leaving your current reality and put in efforts toward getting there. It is hoping against hope when you wish things to happen instead of make them happen. 

And whatever your situation, while you are hoping, remember Stockdale Paradox "You must retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties. AND at the same time…You must confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."

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