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Echo of my Mind: Don't keep them in dungeon of fear

One of the biggest crime committed by man against fellow man is in words that masquerade as counselling... They have  destroyed people spirits and suppressed their capability to generate solutions to their personal challenges and remove obstacles hindering their progress.

When someone is passing through unpleasant experience in hand of an exploitative man or exploitative individual, or a stifling environment then you say " what is the guarantee that the next person/place you will go, would be better and not worse? Stay where you are and endure! "

This is fraud! Stop making people die silently in fear of unknown. Let them take hold of their destiny and make things work and, through the reality of life, grow to become a better person or learn valuable lessons they can never acquire if they stay with that situation.

Man by nature grows and develop through challenges and not through hiding in comfort. Do you wonder why kids who are breed from purely neat environment fall sick more than their counterparts who have been exposed to the dust when they leve their comfort zones ? Because the later have developed resistance against the germs the former used to feared!

If it is not working out fine, dont tell them that they are better off maintaining status quo because their next place could be worse. let them face their fear and if they fail they would learn enough lessons to rise again


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