Echo of my mind: In love with science

In Love,
I fell with math
The taste of it bitter on a sweet  mouth. 
Physics came to the rescue,
Chemistry and Biology couldn't snatch me back..
I lost my innocence to figures..
from Pythagoras to Newton
Archimedes won't stop requesting to float in my bathtub.
Dalton told me all those partial "efforts" will become whole.
Who is this, that split the Nucleus?
Revealing a deeper world of atomic possibility..
And then the transformation of energy..
Momentum built up...
I migrated from Potential to Kinematic..
From heat transfer "n" thermodynamic,
I found my calling in mechanics.
Dynamic mind!
.. Math isolated..
Arithmetic disowned...
Yet numbers rule the world of analist
All part of me screamed ACTION!
Then newton's third law reminded
What you give is what you get...
Inertia set in!
Destiny intervened...
Engineering to rescue...
All things fell in place..
No more probabilism...
Assumed mean is too mean..
Average is too mediocre..
math is beautiful...
Data has taken the cloud hostage..
We made bride out of global challenge,
Engineering is her perfect Groom..
We put life into the figures..
And it breathes...
A migration from zero to hero.

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