Adams got married....and the tongues wage!

Understand: Oshio Baba has made his choice and it is final. Wish him well or keep taking Panadol for non existing pain.

It used to be in the garden of Eden that fine apple was forbidden. Even in that sacred garden, fine fruits and fine face like that Eve was not forbidden. . For five years, Oshio Baba avoided the fine apples and keep his body in his trademark khaki cloth. For five years, Oshio Baba sleep and wake up with only the memory of his ex wife keeping his companion in cold hours of the nights. God knows how many times the late wife had appeared in his dream to tell him to get a replacement for the grieving heart. For five years, he was more focused on the affair of the state and on working for the ordinary people of Edo State, with whom he had covenant to serve. And for five year, he carries within him his private life without it leaking to the press who have developed the habit of scooping the news in every odd places including the rumbling in your bowel.

Now, Oshio Baba finally yields and surrender to emotional force of Love. The only people who cannot love are those whose heart is made of stones. and they are rare. Oshho Baba fell in love and he did in style. To a beautiful model that have been kept away from  prying eyes of the media and tojuole reporter a.k.a (career blogger). Congratulations to the comrade governor.  But the girls and some  not smiling.

"Of all the beautiful ladies in your state, both singles and semi-double, only a model from outside appeal to you?" they asked as  if is their inalienable right to offer the governor a life partner. As if it is part of their constitutional obligation to determine who the governor must fall in love with. Where were you all these years when comrade Governor was sleeping all alone every night and keeping his emotion under wrap?  How many of you are so much concerned that you sent him one or two well mannered ladies to make his choice so that he can have someone to provide emotional stability to him in his private world?

Now that he has found love and committed his heart to her, the cyberspace and "Collective children of anger" have taken over the sainthood podium to lecture him on how to fall in love, where to fall in love, who to fall in love with. Everyone want to have a say in the best decision he should have made, they competed with one another on why it would have been best to marry from the local. This group of wailers are however in minority and most of them trying to score political and moral point. Unfortunately, their voices are the louder. The majority on other hand understand this thing and has been sending their congratulatory messages to the governor. Meanwhile, the tongues continue to wage.

Oh People, it is none of your business who osho baba go married to. Wish him well and help yourself one of those many available beautiful ladies you identified in his state that you feel he missed. And if you are a lady, offer your brother to one of the singles. It would be  great act of humanity on your part.Understand: Oshio Baba has made his choice and it is final. Wish him well or keep taking Panadol for non existing pain.

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