The Fanatics are here again... Those who have ears should purchase earmuff!


It all started as a bashing of the Comrade Governor for marrying a humble and understanding wife he loves. Not caring about his feelings, the fanatics went to town to lecture him on how to choose someone he loves. The Fanatics would not be drawn into the reality that the outgoing administrators in the country have mismanaged their common patrimony and are leaving behind for the incoming ones a massive debt and unpaid salaries. 

And so the Fanatics have come again, brandishing their moralist whips and lecturing everyone on what is right or wrong. This time, it is about the president-elect, . General Muhamadu Buhari. The latest anger evolved because the president-elect, a Muslim had an handshake a lady who is the wife of a serving Governor in public. 

Initially, I had laughed it off as rant of the fanatics. Until more and more started talking about. Chei...!

They will have to prepare for more headaches in the next four years as their Sheikh is going to have more and more handshakes with all, as long as he is a leader of this secular country.

So to those who have ears, hear me... The Fanatics are here again, if you can afford earmuff, kindly buy for yourself and those you love. Because their noise will only grow louder.

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