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The folly of dissipating energy on useless and unwanted politicians…

“Mr. Tortoise, Mr. Tortoise, when will you return from your senseless journey?” he replied “Not until I have been disgrace, not until I have been disgraced; disgraced, disgraced!”

I have been reading about people writing on why someone should not contest election and why someone should contest. As much as I am fully aware that democracy allow freedom of expressions, opinions and in fact freedom to be sane and insane, I am wondering why some of us enjoy moving round the circle like hungry Caterpillar that does not know when to stop circling a cylinder while its food is just a few minutes away from the cylinder.

The idea that some people have imposed on themselves to advance the logic for morality or immorality of someone vying for political office, while mounting aggressive public campaign to stop that person is outdated. Ineffective and in most cases useless energy sapping. . I once committed that folly during the IBB's attempt at coming back to Aso Rock. The result was UMYA and subsequently GEJ. We are still paying for the lack of our insight today while IBB is enjoying his loots peacefully in his mansion--away from mass poverty in the land and away from insecurity challenges that is overwhelming a section of the country… I have since learned that the only way to stop someone from foraging into political adventure is to team up behind a credible candidate and then humiliate your target at the poll.

The habit and practices going at one another jugular while advancing supports or opposition to a candidate is nonproductive, and sometimes counterproductive. Often, the person(s) who benefited from such actions are those we later regret.
Mr. White and Black were fighting one another over who should has the right to prostitute wardrobe, bother of them ended up as handkerchief while the prostitute went for the red and green to make her costume. That is the way the politics system often play out.

While a section of supporters are busy mounting public pressure on Mr. White and Black and working to frustrate both of them from winning the Primary slot, Mr. Red and Green are busy working on the minds and hearts of the electorates. Then come the election day, none of the warring factions made it to government house.

The time spend on aggressive opposition to any political aspirant is best spent on looking for better alternative and then mount aggressive publicity in the  favour of the preferred candidate(s).

As 2015 elections draw closer in Nigeria, it is my optimism that people would have learned from the past and channel their energy and resources into what they want instead of campaigning against what they want. In the first instance, they work toward gaining acceptance and making it easier for electorates to decide. In the second instance, they wasted valuable time and resources on what they don’t want while their target continues to focus on those that matter.

Of course, nothing is etched in the wood. Every good plan and rules would encounter someone who would be exception to the rule. He will either break the rule or take advantage of the loops in it.  A good strategist would always keep an eye on the road for the opposition and think on his feet to neutralize any treat that may come at any hour.

As for those politicians who have become permanent “investors” in every election and are making career out of perennially contesting for posts they have no chance of winning, I can only draw a verse from late Ola Rotimi’s Drama “Kurumi”. It goes: “Mr. Tortoise, Mr. Tortoise, when will you return from your senseless journey?” he replied “Not until I have been disgraced, not until I have been disgraced; disgraced, disgraced!”

Reflectively yours,

Wizard of kalamakato

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