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Liz Wiseman: Operate From a Place of Inquiry


One of the most powerful shifts that you can make as a leader or as a contributor is shifting from the place of knowing, and operating from the place of inquiry. Most of us begin our careers needing to find answers. But as we move into a leadership role, nothing is more important than being able to ask the right questions, the questions that share that burden of thinking with your team, the questions that focus the energy and intelligence of a group. I think living here in Silicon Valley, I know a lot of you will be going into technology kinds of careers. We have to move beyond the brilliant founder, the team of technical experts if you want to create an organization that's going to solve a problem at scale. Or if you want to build an enduring organization, you need to rely more on your own brilliance and to look at the brilliance of the team, that's the most powerful role that a leader can play. And in those organizations, the best leaders not only give people a pat on the back, they give them a push, a push out of their comfort zone and into a space where they are operating in the unknown and draw upon the power of not knowing to create a culture of brilliance, a culture of contribution and a culture of innovation. 

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