Echo of my Mind: Of Vultures, Tragedy and Power


Some people and their capacity to exploit national tragedy to make political gains..It is now a disturbing trend to explain away every national tragedy and enmesh ourselves in endless arguments and diatribes.  yet they wonder why their country is in deep shit...

Every tragic event, local or international is politicized. All sides are guilty of the travesty. While the politicians struggle to win the battle of wits, their followers (paid and brainwashed) are busy romancing evil and national misfortunes through justifications, alibi and buck passing. The satanic soldiers of terror see through this cacophony of echoes; clattering, cursing, whining, growling and wheezing. Evil thrives while the good is struck by analysis paralysis. Inaction and grumbling become status symbol. Nothing get done eventually.

Among us are politicians who are epitomes of vulture whose power and prestige were acquired through blood of innocent and sorrow of the helpless. They derives their influences from cadavers of hapless citizens... and some of their followers glorify horror in the name of transformation, opposition and politics...

If I can turn to cannibal or vampire, my first victims are predictable..

--Wizard of Kalamakato


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