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Sacking or Demoting Finidi Goerge- Look Yourself in the Mirror!

Sacking or demoting Finidi as head coach, if true, is a slap on Nigerian coaches and ex-players. It is a vote of no confidence on each and everyone of them. if we use performance to evaluate the team, can anyone fault the NFF?

Nigerians' quest to be sole driver of their national vehicles, be it infrastructure, finance, sports etc sometimes come with a question mark. If it is not competency, it will be integrity question mark. At times, you will find Nigerians perfectly fit for the task but he will still be lacking something that hinder his performance. Most times, Nigerians found that having the knowledge and experience is not enough to be a winner.

I am not for the sacking or demotion (whatever the case is) of Coach FInidi, We have had local coaches that excelled to some extent in the past. And I believe we still have active local coach somewhere, who is probably not a well known ex-player who can succeed and do what late Festus Onigbinde, Stephen Keshi and co did as a managers.

The idea of automatically choosing ex-international players to manage any team is laughable. Most of all already know that being a successful player does not guarantee success as a manager. If Jose Mourinho was a Nigerian, he will probably be an angry PE teacher right now than a world renown football manager. This is why i am unimpressed with array of former players lined up before Finidi was chosen.

All of them should go and coach local league and show their mettle by bringing CAF glory to the country. In fact, our attention should be focused on those who are still delivering results and not those who have accumulated past glories as ex-players.

The question we should ask ourselves is "do we have a system for grooming local managers?" Do we trust coaches in our Local league to lead the national team? How many of our ex players are currently making their name in football management home or abroad? how many of the local managers currently in local league are doing very well at CAF competitions?

We need to look at the mirror while applying makeup on our ugly face.

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