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Echo of my mind: Everyone is pointing Fingers

A typical Nigerian's problem is always other people; until that scapegoat exits or dies. 

It is not in DNA of an average Nigerian to take responsibility for his action. 

Those who grow smarter to recognise their roles in their setback, misfortune or failure stand out as the shining stars that keep the society sane. Whether they overcome or not, they provide valuable treasure troves of knowledge needed to avert mounting catastrophe. This group is in minority. They are becoming endangered species. But they remain the shinning stars in a society surrounded by air of creativity but holed up in an unimaginative dark cave of despondency.

This minority group become the direction at whom fingers are pointed when, an unfortunate citizen need to motivate himself while he pump up his righteous indignation toward his scapegoat, to justify his misfortune or deflect responsibility to fix his problem toward someone else. 

When this scapegoat exits, quits or dies, the average citizen will look for another scapegoat on whose head all his personal, spiritual, financial, psychological, mental, behavioural, genetic, biological, professional problems are hanged. 

The only expertise such citizen mastered beyond contention is criticism and science of how every proposed solution targeted toward alleviating his misfortune may not work. He holds a special purpose Doctorate in dismantlement of  new ideas he couldn't understand.

Finding a Nigerian who doesn't think this way is an extreme sport. 

Ironically, that Nigerian, when stationed in same position as his scapegoat, will fight tooth and nail to reject the blame and return the baton of the blame to the sender or someone else.

A mental shift in thinking and problem solving is needed. But where will this start from? Everyone is pointing fingers at someone, ignoring the remaining fingers pointing back at him.  The cycle of blame only perpetuates the problem and prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. What are you doing to fix your share of the mess? Meditated on that!

I am Isqil Najim 

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