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Nigeria is like a ship everybody wants to sail, but the experts on board are disunited

Nigeria is like a ship with many nationalities on board.  All of them perceive themselves as more qualified than the captain, rightly or wrongly.

There are many competent maintenance experts, navigators, and divers. However, the ship also has people with varying mental states, temperaments and varying degrees of patriotism. Some are filled with bitterness while others have pure love. Some of them manage their mental health well, while others seek the companionship of those who enjoy their kind of  chaos. 

The ship hits a rock and sustains damage.  Due to a lack of willingness to take shared credit, the experts can't agree on how to collaborate on repairs. Everyone wants the sole glory of fixing the problem. So, they resorted to a lottery. Whoever wins gets to fix it. Each contender presents their solution, all very similar with slight procedural differences.

A group wins the lottery. The chosen group attempts the repairs, but their progress is too slow. The ship remains afloat on the open sea. However, those who weren't chosen feel the need to prove their colleagues made a mistake. They try to distract the working group instead of joining hands to fix the ship collectively.

The captain makes another error, causing the ship to start sinking. Everyone on board can sense the worsening situation – bad weather, dwindling food supplies, and a lack of lifeboats.

One side works on repairs while the other silently undermines their efforts.  Everyone is on the same sinking ship, yet they point fingers instead of working together.

This scenario reflects aspects of Nigeria today. It's like a ship where everyone wants to steer, but the experts on board refuse to cooperate with each other. They will rather sink than collaborate.  

Regardless of your stance, remember you're all on the same boat. It's time to work together, even if you dislike the captain and crew.

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