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Five categories of people in Nigeria

There are five categories of people in Nigeria today.
1. Those who are tired of Nigeria and only want the country to split. This group will keep quiet when things are good but will find their  voices when things are bad and use the opportunity  to call for balkanization of the country. Their best days is when something is going wrong in Nigeria.

2. Those who voted for winner. This group will always try to showcase the achievement of their candidate while fighting for or against people who attack their candidates.  They wanted to prove that they made the right decision at the poll. Naturally, they are positive and wish Nigeria to succeed. 

3. Those who voted for loser(s). These are naturally toxic and spend their days and nights to find fault in everything in the country. They don't mind spending 8 years of their life on this venture. If things are going well, they will downplay it. You will hear words  like, I can't be praising government  for doing what they were elected to do. But if things are going wrong, they will magnify it and even spice it up with exaggeration and fake news. They are into propaganda like the number 2. Albeit, negative propaganda. Their mission is to see the country fail so they can mock those who voted for the winner and use the opportunity  to canvas for their failed candidate. They are quick to share bad news, even before verification.  

4. Those who don't care who won or lost at the poll. They may have voted for loser but will support anyone that win and wish him success.  They may have voted for winner but will criticise the winner If he is going astray. Their primary focus is to see the country successful. Regardless  of the winners.  Naturally they are optimistic. And objective.

5. Those who are sitting on the fence. They really don't care about Nigeria. They just want to survive,  live their life and achieve their personal goals. They may be business men, professionals or traders. Naturally they pray for the country to be successful  regardless  of who is in power. if things are bad of course they pray for the good time to come. 

The first are are militants, social rebels, the second and third spend their life fighting each other and trying to win over other categories to their side. Everything to them is politics. The fourth are cool headed.  The last are in majority..  they probably won't vote and If they do they will most Likely be forced or placated to vote.

Everyone knows where he belongs.. whether the country is at war or at peace, whether economy is good or bad, we all bear the consequences of the actions of a few among us....

I am Isqil Najim 

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