Their Enemies, Our Enemies


All of us have at one time or the other nurtured the idea of enemies behind our misfortune, Ill-health or bad luck.

It has to be the greatest mystery that man generally agrees that enemies are capable of negatively altering luck, health and life directions through mysterious "remote control",   but we rarely attribute our good luck, good health and fortune in the same manner to our friends' mysterious power.

Religions have also ingrained this belief in us. If you walk into a Pastor or imaam or Babalawo's consulting room with your personal problems that defiled explanation, the chance is that your enemies are behind your challenges. 

When we don't get married quickly, our enemies are behind it. "Who did you offend?" Is the first question that crosses the mind in a bid to narrow down the potential list of wicked people. But when we got married to a lovely partner, and enjoyed marital bliss, we worked for it. No one asks the question: "Who did you bless?"  Nor do we often search for friends both near and far who are invisible hands behind our marital bliss. 

In the same manner when a man is afflicted with poverty, or his business fails, or he loses his job, his enemies are most likely behind it. However, when he is fortunate among the lots, we will reason that his friends are only there today, to share his success with him because he is successful.

When illness strikes us, and we have no immediate clue where it comes from, it is our imaginary long-distance enemies that come to mind. But at no time have we ever thanked our imaginary or even real friends for our sustained health even as we do not know the source of the grace. 

It seems the only time our friends are remembered for praise in our Fortunate moments and good luck is when they directly contributed. 

To our visible friends: no matter how fervent their prayer (known or unknown), they rarely come to mind when it is time to do thanksgiving and credit someone for our good luck. We are more likely to credit the clergymen than our friends.  

Our invisible/imaginary enemies, on the other hand, bear the blame for every affliction that has no explanation. And if you are a visible enemy that has sworn to our destruction in our face, you are the natural culprit for every bad luck that befalls us; including when fish bone gets stuck in our throat. 

Luck and misfortune, no doubt are among the greatest mysteries in the world. To deny their existence is to deny the existence of life and death because we do not understand them. 

Many people work extremely hard and still reap poverty. While some merely just need a few steps and support of other people before they become successful. Others get exactly what they worked for. 

Our mind is the most potent weapon that the creator has fashioned. It is the most important invention that defines the direction of humanity. Everything we ever invented even in the realm of the physical world like technology and infrastructures are products of the mind. 

As we look outward to manufacture enemies from among people who offended us or we offended in a bid to write off our ill luck and bad omens as external handwork; as we invoke fire and thunder on every agent of darkness and enemies that stand between us and our dreams,  it appears we only remember to send fire to (un)known and external enemies; we rarely remember to flog and send thunder to strike the known enemy that resides in our mind.

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