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Much ado about Obasanjo’s humiliation of traditional rulers

Some People are angry that Obasanjo "desecrated" their tradition, but they keep inviting him to attend events. Obasanjo  feasts on publicities and love the attention. We all know this. But who among you is free of blame?

Chief Obasanjo maximizes every such opportunity  to remind his listeners that he is still the same Ebora Owu. More often than not, he craves the authority to decide for others- whether it is politics or social.  One thing we cannot take from him is passion and consistency. I genuinely like him for that.

As he grows older, the reality is beginning  to dawn on him. No matter what he does, his people will never accept  him as a leader. And they are not pretending.. Having served as military head of state and also as a two term president, he ought have commanded natural respect from his people but reverse is always the case. So he is beginning to take his destiny in his own hand to enforce respect and honour he duly deserves by constantly getting into public spat with hope of being seen as the authority deserving respect. 

Instead, the names they keep echoing are the names he laboured hard to suppress. In Ogun State, late Obafemi Awolowo, MKO Abiola  will forever rank above him in honour and respect even though they did not become president of Nigeria. That is just two people within the state alone. In South West, the story is the same. there are people that naturally command more respect than him. Don't even talk of Nigeria. People only speak well of him when he is on their side of politics, doing the dirty job. Or when he is saying what they love to hear.

Aside from this, the only reverence  he gets is often associated with his title as former president. Of course, he had done many good to many people who are grateful to him. He is a nice man.

He has tried many times to insert himself in the heart of his people.. Every election year, he is ridiculed and reminded that he has no electoral value, or honour. 

As for those abusing him for saying what he wishes, were you expecting anything different? When you invited him to your event or visit him, you already Knew who he is. Pretending to be shocked that he made unacceptable comments is self indictment.

As for Oba who were given "E Dide, E joko" treatment, this should be an eye opener to them that they have deviated from the tradition they are supposed to be custodians. It is not too late to change. 

What stopped them form walking out on him? Who were they honoring by listening to him? if they had all walked out the venue, the event will have come to abrupt end and Obasanjo will be left to talk to himself as people try to make sense of the confusion. Perhaps they were scared of Governor? definitely, not the retired soldier.

As for Yoruba people in general, when you choose Muslims and Christians to head traditional institutions, you will get this kind of situation where they do not know the gravity  of violating their custom and where honour desert them when it matters most. The excuse that it is their forefathers; stool is untenable. Can our Churches or Mosques appoint a Traditional Worshipper as a Pastor or Imam simply because his father built the church or mosque? So why is the rule not the same with Traditional institutions? 

The primary consideration  for selection of Oba must be first and foremost that he is deep in traditional knowledge and practices. If you cherish your culture as you claim to be, the first start is to insist that the custodians of culture and traditions must be People well versed in culture and tradition and not elites who are retiring into spendor. People who believe in a cause do not allow others rubbish what they believe. 

There is still time to make amendment. The growing condemnation is a testament to the new waves of interest in culture and traditions. And this is a positive signal.

To both baba and Oba and other people that are concerned, the words of Niccolo Machiavelli is word recalling"  It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles." While you ponded on that. may I join the trend in the spirit of Baba " E didi, E joko! 


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