Echo of my mind; this comes from the depth of my heart

Quite a lot of people have become victims of circumstances. In the beginning, Everything was going well for them. It does not matter what their age was or their family backgrounds.  Not rosy, and perhaps rosy; theirs was a steady journey toward their dream..if they'd continue that adventure, their success and greatness are assured. 

While they were still learning the rope, or being groomed for a better tomorrow, fate cut off their life support and thrust them into a cruel world of struggle. Perhaps  Their benefactor dies, is incapacitated or meets with misfortune. Perhaps they encountered situations that hindered them from living a normal life. 

All of a sudden, their world crashes. They had to start all over. Thereby pushing them from the realm of normal to extraordinary life of struggle which they have to battle for a significant duration of their life.

They had to start all over. On their own or seeking another life support. Some won the battle and tell their story: others fell by the wayside.  Some people found help, and others found humiliation and neglect. 

It is not about faith or religion. It is not about any generational curse or lack of trying. Sometimes, these people are pious, godly and devoted more than those who perch in the temple of glory. This world has a way of picking out random people to teach us about pain. To show us we are human after all. 

There are many in this category among us. Some persevere, while some are broken forever. 

We can find signs in their social outlook.  Ill-health, disabilities, unemployment, poverty, anti-social behaviours, and more. 

When you meet such a person, do not judge the circumstances you found them, if you dont knoe their story. Whether they are into crime or living what you see as worthless life. If you can't empathy, please move away. What befalls them can happen to anyone. In many instances, they do not deserve it.

Of course, I know there are those whose circumstances are self-inflicted. I do not waste my pen on their behalf. Neither should you waste your thought on them.

Sometimes, with all our plans and intelligence, there are some misfortunes we can't prevent. they strike like thunder and before we know what hit us, we have succumbed to the hand of fate.

Millions of people are in this category. They are more number than the fortunate among us. I do not know why this is so, but I know that if we show empathy toward them, their life may experience turn around. Miracle happens when we lift them up, and not when we trample on them.

In this August, I am. not the kind who prays a lot because my words of prayers are short and my heart is simple. But this comes from the depth of my heart. "Whatever conditions you are, whatever you are going through, be it negative or positive, may Your August Visitor be an answer to your unanswered prayer. And may you find an angel whose input (in words or deeds) better your lot.

Meanwhile, be nice to all. God will find you in your hour of need.

Yours in thought

Isqil Najim ❤️

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