When an enemy wants to destroy you


When an enemy wants to destroy you, he will give you an almighty philosophical formula: "Don't tell your problem to anyone and don't share your success (story) with anyone."

Swallow it at your own peril.

If you don't tell your problem to anyone, how will your potential helper find you? People  will just assume you are doing well until social media carries the news of your suicide after battling with depression for some times.

If you don't share your success (story) with anyone, you will block avenues to further advancement both due to gratitude to your maker and exposure to more opportunities.

There's a difference between being loud about your success and letting people that matter know you are available for more successful partnerships and collaborations. You can be humble in your success and build trust with very few people  to share with. You can choose to tell no one so that no client(s) come your way again.

You just bagged a degree or won a big contract and decided to keep it to yourself because you fear people will envy you. How will your employer or new clients know that you have such talents and capabilities hidden?

Many talented people with sellable skills and projects behave like the foolish man in parable of talent and "buried" their talent. They will then spend their productive time in churches/shrines/mosques waiting for God to come down from heaven to patronise, or partner them.

As for the "tell no one your problem" gangs, you will just die and suffer for nothing! It makes absolutely no sense to keep your challenge to yourself. Granted that some people will mock you, you can at least build a small manageable group of trusted confidants. Maybe one person or two or more. There are kind people in the world, and there are very compassionate people around us. The fact that one idiot mocks you should not propel you to shut the door against your potential helper(s).

Sense is common, and common is not sense.

Your friend,

Isqil Najim

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