broken truth: Expect Disappointment and plan for it

By Isqil Najim

Let's not fool each other. People you trusted so much are going to disappoint you and you're going to disappoint others. None of you will be at fault. Please don't get upset when it happens. Calm down, Listen and put yourself in their shoes. It's tough, but doable. 

Many times we make realistic commitment which we take step to fulfil. But a third force, an external influence or third party critical to our execution enters the scene to derails or scuttles the plan. You enter panic mode and feel terrible for disappointing others and breaking their trust. You manage to face them only for then to trash you out. 

In the process of trying to manage this unexpected occurrence, Sometimes, you lose a big deal and sometimes you lose your reputation!

On the other side, we tend to react according to level of our loses when a disappointment is caused by others and punish genuine people unfairly. Perhaps they took responsibility. Perhaps they were simply powerless and sad that they cant reverse what had happened. 

If those who disappointed us are below us in social standing, it becomes even easier for us shame them in public. But when it is caused by us against us, as in self inflicted, we become philosophers. When it is caused by us against others, we seek their "understanding". A boss can simply wave it of, if he was responsible for the error that led to the disappointment, but a subordinate can't. Our judgement against those below us is cast! And the fellow must pay dearly for disappointing us. From demotion to lost of revenue and self respect, all options are on table. 

Think about it. If you were in their shoes, will you commit suicide to avoid facing the reality?

When I say disappointment, I am aware of many deceitful persons who hide behind excuses to conceal their wickedness and irresponsibility. Their actions are mostly deliberate. And sometimes, it can be  hard to figure if they are telling the truth or not.

In that case, we face two possibilities. To fall into their deceit or to punish a genuinely sorry man. Our approach should be based on wisdom and experience. Calmness is power. A deceiful person will always be found out. Just don't lose your humanity. Stay alert and show understanding. 

The sun will shine!

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