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Echo of My Mind: the Illness and the Cure we refuse to acknowledge

 We try to find meaning of life in religions. Meanwhile, religions are themselves confounded by us. While we speak through loud speakers of prayers and requests to the draw the attention of the omnipresent creator, our mind and action lean angrily towards fellow men, the politicians, our parents, our friends, our colleagues, and anyone doing better then us that we perceived to have the power to cure our anxiety. Either by getting out of our way or getting near us. By prayer by curse, the intensity is intense!

Our thoughts are with us as the victims who have done well, and deserve the prize we coveted . Our thoughts are with others as obstacles to our goal. If we get rid of them, our joy will multiply. If we get near to them, our joy is manifold. Our gambling instinct is ever revolving around two elements that put everyone against or for us.

Curing our anxiety is not the problem, the problem is, in most cases, we are the illness and the cure that refuses to acknowledge the monsters we created. So we look for causes and effects, often, outside of us. and Inside of everyone else who is also battling their own monsters!

your friend, Isqil Najim

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