It is not about the Man in Power or the man who should succeed him...


   In Nigeria today, majority of us do not want to hear the truth unless it leaned positively  toward our political sentiment. APC is bad PDP is angel LP is better. This is the trending sentiment one must key into if he wants to enjoy robust engagement in cyberspace. It is not really about PDP per se, it is always about any party in power. PDP was once the grand recipient of our national curses and lamentation. 

But all of us know the truth about us when we are in our privacy. The public sentiments are based on selfish interests. I have never seen anyone who truly love Nigeria and then lean toward party or tribe as a panacea to national development. Our problem is not a scalar quality but a vector quantity. It is more than leadership. the followers bear the greater brunt of the blame.

It is really not about the man in power or his party or the man who wanted to take over or his party... It is about us.

How often do we, as followers and citizens,  acknowledge the good in the system? We magnify the bad more than the good when someone we don't like is in power.. There are so many good news and good results in this country but do we care? While we focus on Abuja to do magic we look at our States and promote idiots to lead as Governors. 

I read someone saying that Jandor is better for Lagos State. The man felt Sanwo-Olu had failed as a leader! Upon probing his background, i found out that he is from a state where their Governor is PDP member and has done nothing other than complaining about FG and Fulani. He said APC has ruined Nigeria but he didn't say PDP has ruined his state. He still wants PDP for Nigeria. This is same behaviour across other support bases, nationwide. They are all selfish and only interested in themselves. While some are doing this due to tribal sentiment, others are doing so due to religion. A few due to potential economic gain.

I will always use every opportunity to remind people that while politicians have largely not been able to address many of our local and national challenges, they are unlikely to address it in future either until we play our part  in fixing the rot. This is because the real problem is not politicians but us. We mess up our environment and they look for some supermen to clean up the mess. Why don't we first stop messing up? Why don't we first stop destroying our country before we seek solution to the problem?

We are like a man who defacate inside his house and hide the stained cloth under his bed. Instead of clearing up and removing the offensive source, he leaves it there because it fetch him reasonable money when he complains about the stench to the landlord who will give him money to buy deodorant and hire a cleaner.

From the money he got from the landlord, he hires staff to keep the room fresh. the staff clean everywhere and spray deodorant throughout the entire compound.  He feel good along with other occupants, many of who do not know the source of the offensive odour but are supporting his action and praise him as a good man, a patriot. 

When the fresh air from the deodorant Waft into his nose, they yearn for more magical experience and commend the cleaner and our guy for being so effective and making life easier for them. But when the deodorant expires it term and the odour returns, he call for replacement of the cleaner and start shopping for a new cleaner. He blame the cleaner for not doing a proper job. Meanwhile, he continued to defacate iin the building and hiding the source. The neigbours will agree with him that there is need for a change and join him in choruses-"sack the cleaner!" until the Landlord oblige and a new cleaner is found.  The cycle will then repeat itself!

That is how we run our country. If the cleaner/Leader could not clean properly, the disapproval will be louder and more vicious. Sometimes accompanied by curses. Why don't we stop shitting in our own home for a start and remove the source of the odour?

That is common sense. But in Nigeria, commonsense is a undesirable, ugly peasant that everyone acknowledge is a good guy buy no one wants him near because he will too good for our fraud and may spoil business for us with his honesty .. we don't want it! Even when given free, we won't consider! 

I am isqil Najim

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