Our lies and the making of historical deceits.


Many years ago, in the 90s, a deceitful dictator organised an election which against his and his friends' permutations ended up as the freest and fairest election in Nigeria's history. Seeing that things are not going their way, they deployed various confusions to sabotage their own work. From law suits that are clearly government sponsored, using the inglorious Association for Better Nigeria, to propaganda. 

It was then they realised military do not want MKO, the undeclared winner,  it was then that the dictator became law abiding. But in this case choosing what law to abide. 

Long story short the election was annulled and the events after that plunged Nigeria into a series of national chaos that has remained. 

Thousands of souls have been sacrificed including the winner of that election, his wife, his associates, students, traders, and many youths whose name are never to be heard in history but who are actually the hero of what is now called June 12.

Years down the lane, all of us who witnessed this event live have continued to have different narratives as to what actually happened. It is not uncommon to see two people who actively participated disagree on the same event they both witnessed together. Oh, there was no internet. Perhaps the discrepancy is because of the lack of adequate information? Or memory loss? 

Fast forward in 2020 in the age of internet and live broadcast. A series of youth driven protests happened over three weeks. It started all well with even some governors identifying with the protesters. And saying it is their right to protest. Some governors actually joined the protests in matching for justice and call for police reform. Some police men also joined the protests while even the thugs on the streets were seen hailing the protesters . Toward it tail ends however things went awry. Thugs confronted the protesters and police also became enemies while politicians became the target as the protesters now clearly want more than just police reform. They want good governance. 

A scream that is too loud to be heard. From that moment things moved so fast and ended tragically. With many across the country paying the price. From.protesters, to police and government were not left out in counting their losses. Many private business owners had their shop looted and vandalised. EndSars happened before our eyes in the age of internet and freely broadcast but till today we still have varying narrations of what actually happened. 

The more you look the less you see. Every side claim authenticity and each backing its claim with what it considered "fact". This happened just two months ago and not 20 years ago! Many have already started having faded memory with many distorting what actually happened. The generation coming 20 years time will be even more confused than us in same way many of us are confused about some past event like June 12 and many others that we didn't witness.

My goal is not to talk about right or wrong,as everyone has it bias. And it appear the most accepted bias is one that spread wide enough or is retained by those who control the media.

While many may act surprised about this variation, the truth is that nothing happening today that is new. It has always been human nature to dispute events they witnessed. The making of various religion sects, mythologies and and cultures had their background in the historical distortion big events..

You see many tribes that obviously originated from each other becoming different and spinning various tales by moonlight on how their forefathers were the first to step on planet.. the shocking part is watching people who are educated blindly follow the logic when it favour their ego. It is same with the religions all of which clearly evolved from the same sources with some minior variations through the years that eventually defined their present day identities. 

Each of them claiming holiness and originality when in reality they are not just offshoot not each other but more or else the same when you remove the controversial elements.

I ponder on this as I woke up (a day after Christmas) and I am able find peace in concluding there is really no foolproof truth in this world. Everyone lies or fabricate their heroism depending on who is winning or losing. The nations that lay claim to superiority of the black nations are in reality no different. Aside from economic advantage, law, and media conspiracy.

I lost my best friends because I refused to talk about a certain conspiracy theory and told him point blank both sides were distorting fact. We have not disagreed in the past 8 or 9 years but on this, in search for ally, he not only blocked me but also cast me aside like an enemies for telling him he is building facts on pack of fake news.

People are constantly looking out for those who agree with them on social media and casting aspersions on those who do not join issues with them as sitting on the fence. An old friend in a certain group I know, who is also a journalist by the way, never stop amusing me on the way he twists every news and expertly deploy conspiracy theories and propaganda. He is not alone. And these are the architects of the ills that has turned our society upside down. 

Instead of them to call a spade a spade and report things as it happened, they will be concocting their own opinion to make it newsworthy. This is one of the ways past history was distorted and society misinformed. 

Various approaches are being deployed to drive everyone to accept the conspiracy theories and lies being mixed with real events .And when you refused or take to silence as a moment of consolation they will tag you as coward and cast aspersions on your integrity. They will say you am scared because you are not bold to join one of the sides. Such people are the reaosns we have many among us who rush into taking side because they don't want to be labelled enemies .

They don't want to be isolated from the society. And as Niccollo Machiavelli counselled, they found wisdom in learning to be bad among bad people. A lot of people simply wanted to ride on the back of others and in so doing they needed to adopt and accept some social anomalies as norms and also broadcast same since this are quickest way to fame and popularity. Only few  are conscious of themselves and remain themselves.  

Many people now manage to cultivate two faces.. one which conform to Society hypes and the other which is a product of their independent inner reflection. In the long run, their public postures take over their entire identity and their ideology becomes a mutation of lies, propaganda, conspiracy theories and soon, as they repeat the misinformation often they soon begin to take it as fact and this is what they become. This is what they pass across others who look on them as role model.

Perhaps this was why a said once said: In time of universal deceits, speaking the truth become a revolutionary act. Clearly, in some of these lies and propaganda, we founded conglomerates of  historical events and myths which are defining us and which further and further lead generations astray.

Isqil Najim

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