Echo of my mind: Time to Avoid English Press and footbaall Pundits

So Chelsea will now square up with Arsenal in a final of a Cup both have derided in the past as of no importance? What a big humble pie to eat by two proud rivals!

At a time in recent memory, Arsenal derided Europa Cup when Chelsea won it. Chelsea on other hand had derided Arsenal many times for being in Europa league and for not even having European success.

This is season has, and will humble both of them. Sari ball had become a nightmare on Stamford Bridge while Emery desperately need Chelsea to lose the Europa final to prove a point. Both will be so happy to lay their hand on the trophy regardless of their past misgiving about the cup.

They must have learn from Man United why half bread can be better than none. Now the two will go to war to challenge for title. At least they wont be ending the season like Man United which is the only club in top 6 that is ending this season with a cup full of shame and regrets.

Can we now say the losers have come home to eat their vomit?

On a serious note: the La Liga fans can now end the efforts at trying to convince the rest of the football world that theirs is not a kindergaten league. The gods of football have announced their shrine is located in England. No one knows how long they plan to feast on EPL's red oil, palp, kolanut and other sacrificial morsels.

This is  time to avoid English  press and their pundits.. we wont sleep again!


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