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Echo of my Mind: Watch those minor slights

Great wars and damaging family feuds were not created by big calamity or cataclysmic event; they were created by simple,  repeated, and seemingly inconsequential acts of perceived injustice and misunderstandings; where the guilty person thinks the other person is either for the taking or incapable of upsetting the odd.

In your home or among your peers, watch out for those simple slights. Those little annoyances and make amend quickly before the victim withdraw silently to his shell. Many people takes it for granted that the one who retreated after he was maltreated is a coward. Sometimes, taking advantage of such person even more, and subsequently building a position of (false) advantage over the victim.

While it is true some are indeed cowards and weak; it is from among such supposed cowards and weakling that the seeds of enmity and discord are sown. When this seed is nurtured and watered adequately by the constant shower of injustice, they germinate, however slow, to become a poisonous tree that come back to humble their sower or the generation that preceded them.

Human beings are creatures of emotions.. Never ever hurt someone's emotion without making amend. A perceived  weak person's revenge is at the root of great man-made calamities.. No wonder, the prophet of Islam once said: " he is not the victor,  who vanquished and humiliate the weak: the real Victor is one who maintains deliberate control over his raging emotion.."

Beware of the revenge of the provoked that refuses to act immediately. History have recorded voluminous books where those who were once regarded underdogs and weakling have upset the giants in ways that changed the path of history forever- for better.. or for worse!

I am Isqil Najim

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