echo of my mind: learn to admit when you don't know

"I don't know" is a powerful statement. The rejection of which had ruined many people who could not lower their pride and accept their reality but instead offers to hide behind knowledge they do not possess. They package their ignorance and half baked education and deploy their oratory prowess,  social visibility and popularity to impress to their listeners. 

On the other side is however the ones who accepted that he know not every thing and embrace this reality but are quickly branded as ignorant and uninformed by those who are nothing other than empty barrel.

Social media offers escape route from both world. The man who is and specialist in "forward as received" information and built his portal of knowledge around such information. And the man who is and specialist in plagiarism. Both repackaged what they have picked up and memorise them as knowledge without double checking their veracity.

It is not surprising to see people who barely utter words of their own becoming known  for the knowledge the do not possess. They are the matchmakers and marriage counselors to trouble couples when their own relationship is in chaos. There is hardly any topic in the world they do not wish to be famous for. 

Understand.. as you enter the next realm of time, be careful not to misplace your priorities and dissipate your energy into building fame on the back of other people's knowledge. You can be a good student and a good learner by learning from others to build your knowledge. But when you do not know, just keep your mouth shut rather than venture into the terrain and thus ended up misleading others.

I don't know is a word you should learn to utter in sincerity.  

You new year begins in the next second and not in January first.. you can do nothing about a time ahead but you can do so much with the one right on your breath. And when you decide to embrace new positive habit to replace old one, you have commenced a new year.

Get up. . Let's go!

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