Echo of my mind: Until someone tie up the wacko

It is in the nature of the weak to defend the strong in order to appear strong; often, through humiliation of the fellow weak. The crumbs from the table of the emperor need not go round. Many people are satisfied that they have  psychological  advantage when their favourite is occupying the royal seat: through emotional connection to the emperor and thus not worried by the fact that the actual crumbs do not get to their end of the table. The actual crumbs is going to the opportunisits and political  prostitutes and aides.

To them, having someone they love and held high esteem (never mind how they arrive at that) in position of power is enough personal fulfillment.

They can defend that person from morning till down until awaken by rude reminder that they are as vulnerable to the bad policies of the emperor as the people they constantly admonished as wailing wailers. Of course, they still stubbornly convince themselves when facing public that all is going well even though in privacy,  their soul regularly flip through the book of lamentation as the grapple with the reality of the rots in the kingdom.

The price of garri, the availability  of (ir)regular power supply, insecurity, wanton  bloodshed through avoidable violence, man made calamity resulting from defective infrastructures and the stagnated prosperity at many work places are variables that constantly jolt them  back to reality that there has been massive two and half steps forward and 5 backward.

Caveat: There are people whose life and destiny have been programmed  never to see or acknowledge anything good in others except those they are in love with..  Whether his royal highness is a wacko or not, it is their default mode to find faulty and wail at every opportunity. Press  a "Do not disturb" button in your mind if you are not ready for the muddy fight with them.

In kalamakato, we have a saying:, if a mad man is not in love with rag and irrational behaviors , he is deprived of the royalty and fame attached to his condition  and thus cannot enjoy the full privilege of being the centre of attraction.  His madness is downgraded to jester. it will be unrecognised. Therefore to be properly accorded the royal status by his admirers,  a mad man must learn to walk in rag, reason irrationally, and upset everyone though abnormal acts and frequent verbal attacks. Sane men watch in bemusement and eventually mind their business while maintaining a safe distance and watch from afar: Until someone tie up the wacko, to trouble us no more.

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