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You can be fantastically good and still win the trophy for controversy

You can be fantastically good and still win the trophy for controversy and social distrust. The tide of misrepresentation does not segregate good intention from bad intention. it flows based on  the perception in the eyes of those apportioning the judgement.

More often than not, we face the precarious situation of having to balance being good with being controversial and provocative. To be absolutely honest is to earn fear and approbation of friends who may cringe at the thought that one day, your honestly may land them in trouble if you consistently uphold it while they need you to bend a little to the left. It would also earn you controversial titles in the Palace of the dishonest.

If you choose to conceal what you know and keep others in suspense, the act would evoke two from two scenarios: those eagerly awaiting revelation but were disappointed to hear nothing would count you as the secretive and judged you as untrustworthy. You become in their eyes, someone hiding something crucial from others; and those who manage to extract words from your quavering lips would begin to fear you, as they imagine you will one day reveal their dark secrets to third parties. Insecurity and distrust are the melting and boiling point of their emotional state.

Jesus lived among men. Today he has billions of followers who are dying to pronounce his name at every opportunity, even in their trying moments, and those who are willing to die for him and his mission. But in the years he lived among men, he got only few disciples who committed to his cause. One betrayed him, according to the legend. Muhammad has billions of followers today, who are ready to die for his cause. in the years he lived, he had relatively few companions, while the Arabs hounded him everywhere until he departed.

How easy and how often the people we misunderstood turned out to return back to us in the future to become our heroes. How much of our efforts to vilify good men because we do not understand them have become source of joy to many who benefited from our exile of the men and women who stood for something. The stones we rejected  become the foundation of someone's mansion.

So if you feel you have a strong ideal, and you have been fair to those around you; if you have done your utmost to gain the acceptance of the wayward and has earned only their distrust despite your honesty... you do not need to fear their antagonism or their vile words. The prosperity of the evil ones is but a snare that hide the travails awaiting them in moment of reckoning.

Know when to abdicate the throne of shame if providence elevates you to one. With dozens of (dis)loyal imbeciles paying obeisance to you nights and days, left and right, you do not need a crow to wake you up in the land of the deaf. The noises and stenches from their private chamber could suffocate even a deep slumberer. Find your level and join those whose companionship offer peace and clear conscience. Should there be none, then..... breathe! 

Peace and Love from Kalamakato

I am @isqilnajim

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