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African Love between Democratic dictatorship and military rule

It is obvious the military has a high level of respect for Mugabe of Zimbabwe. They preserved him this long in the first place. Without their staunch support he would have long gone.

However, it baffles me the African leaders always rely on crisis, chaos and instability to hear the deafening  cry for change in status quo. Even when they are enjoying high popularity rating they tend to deflect their own weaknesses toward the opposition which they used to the maximum to keep their supporters burning with passion for them.

Even on problems they had promised to effect change, the rant against the opposition as the cause and obstacle to progress  is forever a daily vocation they engage it. The opposition themselves are not blameless.. they are agents of confusion in most cases.

As Zimbabwe awaits its fate in what is seen as imminent power shift, it worries me that the choice between a democratic dictatorship  and military rule is becoming more pronounced in many African countries. The civilians rulers have effectively mastered the art of deceit.

One minute they sell you democracy with all its illusory promises.  The next minute they transform into sophisticated  looting machines with such unrestrained impunity that military rule with all its gory past becomes a saint in comparison.

And when the army finally get tired of watching and go ahead to upstage the government, the civilians leaders  would rally the same citizens they have oppressed and exploited  to fight for democracy and rule of law. And the cycle will repeat itself. ..

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