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Random thought on Leadership.. and the cycle of power

There is a reason why leadership is not bequeathed on everyone. It is a top down pyramid system where the man at the top pay the price for the failure of these at the bottom. If you incapable of such responsibility, be on your lane.

Because he has been given a vantage position to stand, far above everyone else, he is expected to see beyond others than those below. In return for his labour of foresight, he is supported by those who are burdened with the responsibility of supporting him while they labour for him to be a solution provider. A unifier and messenger between them and fulfillment of their dreams.

Average human is impulsive and reactionary. He brings the roof down at the slightest provocation and allows sentiment to colour his judgements where restraint could be perfect solution. Given the power of life and death, he would but unleash his power without recourse to thorough understanding of what had happened or wisdom in anticipating potential future effects . More often than not, his decisions can have far reaching effects on millions of people. They could be irreversible.

Humans know this flawed nature of their kinds and so instituted orderly or disorderly pattern of elevating one of them to the top. With appropriate balancing orderly or disorderly pattern of pulling them down when they can no longer bear the burden of supporting them.

Also among those at the bottom are those who desire to see what man at the top can see. They aim to rise above others and enjoy the privilege provided by the community. They believe they have greater capabilities to outdo the man at the top and earnestly yearn for that respect and honour of standing above everyone else. To achieve this, they need to show that they are more capable and also do everything to ensure the man at the top fall. Rightly or wrongly.

When then have accomplished their goals and perched above the rest to enjoy their royal splendour, some of those below them who had similar ambition and the capability to mobilise the community would commence their own grand scheme to pull down the man at the top.

More often than not, the men at the bottom often respond to the rallying call for rebellion especially as a way of protesting the increasing burden imposed by the loners at the top. And the cycle repeats itself.

After a long while, this group of aristocrats among the common men in the community succeed in rotating the position at the top among themselves while the rest of the population bearing the burden of instability, and strain on lean resources, continue to pay the highest price incurred from changes and exploitation of the privileged few, yet while responding to every call of self acclaimed messiah.

And that lead me into the word of T. E. Lawrence: "Government saw men only in mass; but our men, being irregular, were not formations, but individuals. .. our kingdoms lay in each man's mind"

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