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The fear of Loss is the beginning of Loss

Many people wear insecurity as a badge of security hoping the watching eyes is only seeing what they talk about. They cloth their ugliness in expensive clothes and walk around with impression that everything is perfectly sound with them. But deep inside of them they are incomplete, the are troubled and they are under the control of basic fear. The fear of loss and the fear of being found out by the watching eyes.

When you make sincerity your garment, there is no point in explaining away any aspect of its colour or feature that does not appeal to onlooker. It is all there for all. They can laugh, they can smile, and they can choose to hold their peace and applaud  your sincerity. One thing is certain, they will not doubt who you are and they will have no reason to entertain fear that you have manipulated their emotion. Most importantly, you will fear no loss since only those who acepted you would be there anyway and nothing to hide.

But when you wear a mascara over your true identity and decorate your acts and words with rainbow of deceits.. it is normal that you become fearful of the consequences  of being found out when the tide of time  sweep away your feeble cover.

The smart own up to their fickle character and make adjustment to balance their life. The fools go ahead to live in fear of loss. The fear of being found out.  The fear of not reaching target. The fear of being eventually rejected. . The fear of losing that fine lady or gent they have invested fortune into attracting.. tell fear what people would say or do...

The fear comes in varying forms but what I have found out is... the fear of loss is the beginning of loss. In a bid to protect your fragile protection of your castle of deceit, you inadvertently  entered into actions or utters words that betray your insecurity  and eventually  attract loss to yourself even if if no one initially actually noticed.

Understand: the only way to avoid loss is to accept it as part of life and to prepare for it advent whether you deserve it or not. Having that mentality means that you would have no need to wear mascara  over your weakness and would rather invest your energy on things that make you better.  If you win, you win. And if you lose you win!  Such a mindset cannot fail to be surrounded by peace of mind regardless of the storm around.

They cannot fail to command the seat of power that come with calmness and untangle life knot one by one as they come rather than have to untangle themselves in a Web of confusion created by their own fear.

Live.. smile. . Frown. .and then win!


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