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Nigerian youths, before you mistake French Macron for Nigerian Macaroni. .pause and ponder

Predictably, the debate is all about the age of the elected French president rather than what he did and the efforts he made to get into prominence..

The debate is about how long it took him to set up a political party rather than who were those who nurtured that party with him. In the minds of most Nigerians especially a generation that had been nurtured under exploitative  religious system that celebrates miracle and unmerrited favour,  all that the France president elect did was to set up a political party (probably with ghosts members of his church/mosques or tribal affiliates); then contest election (without spending any kobo and possibly by sitting down in front of computer while lamenting the situations in France, and abusing all the political leaders, as well as doubting every positive  progress made by his country,) and then the people of France-Old and young, saw his age, and say.. oh.. we are voting Emmanuel Macron because he is a 39 year old and has  just formed his party not long ago!

The debates.. and the arguments and counter arguments  did not and has not factored hard-work into the equation. It has not factored national orientation into the equation; it has not factored the fact that Macron may have made some difficult compromises with his allies or that he is not a Saint without stain; it has not factor the fact that the young man may have had early push or accumulated political or managerial experience's in his short life.

Apparently, the proponent of "he has no experience" probably assume he has been idling away somehow all his life as a blogger or as a political campaigner with no meaningful managerial or leadership exposure that made the system throw him up. Most Nigerian youths look at experience from one side of a familiarity. They think the only person who is capable of assuming political leadership is a person who has been a political leader or have served at higher level only on a political board. They cannot trust anyone else who has not demonstrated capabilities in political gangsterism with power. Little wonder why they recycle the old horses for the race.

Nigerian youths are adept at deploying sentiment to justify their demands. Mostly in politics and religion. The same people whose  first instinct when they hear of ministerial nominee's name is to look at his religion and ethnic affiliation rather than his capability for the job are the ones who would praise other nation for overlooking such triviality and elect a person they believe in.

Nigerian youths hardly look at the complete story but often pick a part of a story and peddle it about like a badge of honour while making mockery of themselves  before the world.

When I first read about Macron, it was negative report of his marriage. I know nothing about him and I didn't even give a thought to his presidency. ..

Yet, as he came to spotlight and is now being indirectly worshiped by some people in Nigeria; Should I ask these people whether they are willing to undergo  the same journey as he had done to get to where he is today? Will any of our young men will marry a woman who is 25 or 30 years older than him. Or our young ladies marrying a man who is 17 year old and still stick with their choice regardless of the public outcry. Yet this is unimportant in this talk and yet it is a testament  to the fact that Macron didn't just emerge as a president by forming a party because he is 39 but because he had prepared for the journey and had worked hard for it. He has gone through a lot which prepared him for leadership. He didn't go round the country to campaign against the older men and women in politics or ask the French people to give him the mandate because he is under 40. He went round and sold his agenda as well as his party's ideology.

But come to think about it.. he is just one kind of his kind. I admire the tenacity of Nigerian youths to celebrate young achievers from foreign lands. But what I do not understand is why they ignore young achievers from their own country and mostly always rejecting and discouraging them when they come for the bigger office!

When one of my friends, Dapo Lam declared his intention to go into politics few years ago, he was just 33. And his was gunning for House of Assembly or so. The biggest opposition  he had was from the so called youths. His mates and his "youth" constituency.. Many of them penned articles and offered advice on why he should abandon the quest and start as a Councillor where he would have experience and then rise!
So while you celebrate Macron and revel in the euphoria of a 39 year old becoming a president, remember he didn't get there by shouting on social media that he is a youth and therefore must be voted as president. 
When he ignored them, they started another war. Questioning  his mental state and accusing him of wanting to ride into politics on the back of his father. Most of them were unaware that his father didn't even know he would declare interest in partisan politics and he read it in newspapers! When that didn't work they started attacking his integrity and digging up his school history to justify why he can't be there.

I ran into so many negative young people. One even had to send me series of personal mails and try to convince me why I should begin to campaign against him. Blah blah blah..

The young man lost the election but he won a bigger pie as he was appointed a commissioner based on his contribution  to the party victory. He seized the opportunity  and made the best of it. And doing what is uncommon among his peers, he resigned as a commissioner and declared his assets even when no one asked him to do so..then went back to his constituency- the grassroots,  to seek their blessing and sell his agenda as elected Representative in federal house.. again the mischief makers among the youths came in and still asked him to go for house of assembly! Or a chairman of a local government! He risked his life and escaped death by whisker but was undaunted and keep going.

Well at 36 or so he was elected by his people as a Rep and he is right there. Had he listened to the youths he would probably still be on social media complaining about youths not getting a chance. He is not a "Dangote" with bottomless cash. But he learned to relate with street people, old and young, and listen to them more than the naysayers. And in return, they trusted him to represent them  at federal level in his second attempt.

Even the so-called Awolowo myth as a "youth" was a myth. He actually joined partisan after he returned from London and had worked enough to make his living. He was elected at 41 year and not and 20 something as many people peddled about. And he was not elected because he was a "youth" but because he knew his onion and he washed his hands properly before elders allowed him to dine with them. He didn't have things all his way and nobody handed power to him on the platter of gold. He suffered like most Nigerian youths of today and only completed his law degree in his 30s after several years of struggle to earn his own living, during which he suffered series misfortunes and had his property auctioned.

Nigerian  youths need to undergo mental reformation and stop taking their "religion" mindset into politics. There is no miracle in politics  and certainly no sympathy as well. If you can't run and you join a frightened crowd of runners, they will trample on you if you stumble.

So while you celebrate Macron and revel in the euphoria of a 39 year old becoming a president, remember he didn't get there by shouting on social media that he is a youth and therefore must be voted as president.  He didn't get there by expecting miracle from above. He didn't get there by sitting behind computer and throw verbal missiles at everyone who disagrees with his ideas. Or by creating fake news and proudly sharing them on whatsapp  and other platform to mislead the public.. or by becoming social media political  expert who dabble into every single topic including the ones he barely aware; yet he does not know who is his ward leader or his local government chairman.. He however know everything all about occupant of Aso rock  and the presidential family...

So before you turn French Macron into Nigerian Macaroni always remember that there is a huge difference  between cat and Tiger!

I am @isqilnajim

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