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one man's folly is another man's genius....

Once upon a time, there was an idiot. .he made a fool of himself and they all laughed at him. he continued to to ridicule himself,  so they thought..... soon, he moved from being object of derision to object laughter.. A clown. ..A jester.. Everyone paused to laugh  whenever he opened his mouth and showcase his idiocy.. "You are a clown!" They said.. How about being a comedian? That's where you belong...  

Without much thinking,  he made himself available and  then he was hired as comedian. they still laughed, |What a joker!" 

But he made millions!  He was still an idiot, people derived joy in listening to him and paid to watch him.  Then he became popular while those who once laughed at his weirdness  remained unknown...

Everyone has got something special. . something weird. . something that is odd to the majority.. if they persist in it, as long as they are not harmful nor injurious to the society, bring out the good in them and unleash their creative power on the world.. there is no glory in following the crowd man's folly is another man's genius. ..more often than not, it is what people dont understand,  that unlock the gate of  mystery...for better, for worse!

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