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I remains committed to. ... the order of highest commandment...

I dont know what this week will bring. The pointer is not focusing on the familiar cardinal point. Neither left nor right, I behold opportunities and disappointment in the horizon.
My ship sails....upon the waves generated by the almighty, the unseen and the careless activities of men. 
This is the time I am not expected to do anything of my own. It is the time I am letting God take charge completely...
Will this week strengthen love or deepen resentment? 
Old friend long gone suddenly appears after several months (over a year) of bitter resentment (over nothing but minor disagreement) 
I am still daze at the miracle 
As I never know we will ever meet again talk-less of exchange friendly banter...
Trusted friend suddenly start acting so strange that I wonder what the end will bring..

I am sailing upon the tempest with faith, unusual...and guided intuition. 
The goal is to ensure that the ship sail smoothly and all the noises from shocks and awes transform to sonorous song of praise...

It is my duty to listen to voice within all through... And to remain humble, yet frank in expression, with nothing but fear of God and honour to humanity as my guiding light...
I remains committed to living..
... the order of highest commandment...

.....It will only get better!

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