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It is easier to be a saint preacher when standing on podium of grace

It is easier to be a saint preacher when you are on the pulpit and holding everyone's attention spellbound... The man who landed in prison because he was hungry doesn't need sermon on why stealing is not good. He needs job and security...or he may need medical attention.

When reciting sermons to others, always endeavour to try wearing their shoes before being harsh on them. If you don't know where their shoes pinch, then ask or remain neutral....

The society will be much better if we spend more of our time addressing the causes of crime, instead of lamenting the cost of the prisons and the population of criminals and the trajectory of crimes...

There are so many corrupt men and women in the land, why are they multiplying and what is driving corruption? There are election riggers why are some people selling their votes to highest bidders? There are certificates forgers, why are young people in desperate need of certificates embracing all means to acquire them?

You cannot solve all the problem of people and a nation in one simple step, with one single formula, by one single person..... but you can inspire a few around you by identifying with them, understanding their plights and giving them practical solutions to the problems eating them. Condemning others below you for not rising up to your sanctimonious status is an insult on the path you threaded to reach that level.

Apportioning blame is not a way to solve social ills. Blaming and castigating others is easy, everyone can do that, and most of us do. What is not easy is trying to find a solution to why others act against the norms, and then inspire them to embrace better option, only few considerate ones do that.

Love solves more problems than curses.

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