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Find Your Inner Position of Strength and self reliance

You came into this life with the only real possession that matter- your body, the time that you have to live, your energy, the thoughts and ideas unique to you - and your autonomy.

But over the years you tend to give all of this away. You spend years working for others- they own you during that period.  You get needlessly caught up in people's games and battles, wasting energy and time that you will never get back.

You come to respect your own ideas less and less, listening to experts, conforming to conventional opinions. Without realising it, you squander your independence,  everything that makes you a creative individual...

Before it is too late, you must reassess your entire concept of is not about possessing things or money or titles.  You can have all of that in abundance but if you are someone who still looks to others for help and guidance, if you depend on your money or resources, then you will eventually lose what you have when people let you down., adversity strikes, or when you reach for some foolish scheme out of impatience.

True ownership can only come from within.  It comes from a disdain for anything or anybody that impinges upon your mobility, from a confidence in your own decisions, and from the use of your time in constant pursuit of education and improvement...

Only from this inner position of strength and self reliance will you be able to truly work for yourself and never turn back. If situation arise for which you you must take in partners or fit within another organisation, you are mentally preparing yourself for the moment when you will move beyond these momentary entanglement.  If you do not own yourself first, you will continually be at the mercy of people and circumstances, looking outward instead of relying on yourself and your wits.

... Robert Greene, The 50th law

Welcome August...

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