Echo of my mind: Silence is a witch that is hiding in the dark


It is not everytime someone is quiet that he is hiding something or evading anyone. Soqmetimes, it is good to keep quiet as quietude is a veritable sea upon which the ship of wisdom sails.

When you see a once upon a noise-maker suddenly going mute, then he is either learning or has learned something that sealed his raging lips. It is not for you to become master at mind reading by speculating on why he chose to keep his peace.

The best sounds are made from the source of the noise itself and not the echoes reverberating across the room with deafening cacophony.

if someone chose to keep quiet in the face provocation or midst of storm, accept that he is wise enough to have control of his emotion and to let peace reign. Your premature judgement or opinion of him is a waste of time and indictment of your own lack of  wisdom. He rules until he speak his mind as it were or you have an incontrovertible evidence that he is guilty as charged. Silence is a witch that hiding in the dark, don't stir the owner to confession. He will speak at his own time...


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