Pecpective: Problems and Opportunities



This is one of the many negative words that we use very regularly in our daily conversation. `Problem in the work place…problem at home…what a life?

What is a problem?

Look at this incident. A young graduate was tired of hunting for a job. After many years, he got a job as a journalist. He went to the office full of expectations and a subtle fear. The chief editor called him and said, `Today is independence day. A navy vessel has docked in our harbour. Navy personale are celebrating Independence Day on that vessel. Cover this as a news item for our magazine."

First day, first assignment!

The young man ran excitedly towards the horbour. In the evening, the other reporters who went to various places like the fort, collectorate, party office and so on gathered in the main office to give finishing touches to their respective reports. The new journalist was alone, sitting soulfully without writing anything. One of the colleagues asked him gently, "Why aren't you writing your report?

`It is all my luck! When I try to sell flour, a high wind blows and when I go to sell salt, it rains! The very first day my assignment has got me into trouble. The editor sent me to cover independent celebrations on the Navy vessel. There were no celebrations on that vessel', the young journalist expressed sardonically

`Why', pursued the colleague.

`There was a big hole in that vessel. People who had gathered there were busy in the preparations; hence no one noticed it. Only when a lot of water has entered the vessel, did someone notice it. And thereafter, they were busy repairing the vessel. How on earth could they celebrate Independence day?' asked the new journalist sulkily.

His colleague was excited. He exclaimed, `My God! That news should come in the first page! And ran out to collect further information on that mishap.

The very information that made the new journalist wilt in sorrow because he viewed it as a `problem' was a golden opportunity for the other to prove his talent. The new journalist has missed an opportunity, which was spotted by another reporter.

Life is not something that happens according to a planned agenda. It is a procession of unexpected opportunities! In fact each problem is an opportunity for us.

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