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Echo of my Mind: Wouldn't you rather put country first?

These two big politicians  voted on opposite divides.. It is noteworthy that the people who are vehemently against one another during the elections and who divided the citizens have realigned. Either on personal level or on political platforms. Some even doing business together.. They have moved on from the election dramas  and are now sharing dance floors and coffee tables.

Meanwhile some supposedly intelligent "patriots" are still bickering and seeking one another's destruction (literally and figuratively ) over the lost at the last elections... While some educated ignoramuses have continued to thumb their chest with vows of revenge.And the masses dance to the tune of loyalty along ethno-political divides.

There are times when I come to conclude that followers should be held responsible for some of our national problems.. They are ones who would receive money to kill their opponents and to rig in favour of a highest bidders even when they know he can't deliver.. . They are the ones who fight  even long after the politicians have settled their scores and working out sharing formula.

Politicians come and politicians go..but you have you, your family and your business and your country that endure. . If the nation works well, you reap from it. And if the nation is in trouble you bear the brunt of it. The politician's headache stops once he exits power.. your headaches continue for as long as the system corruption and collapse continue...

Speak your mind regardless of who is in power or where he is from or what party. It is your right. And your power. But mourning  the loss of a politician's exit from power long after he or she had moved on while you are using this as a basis for your subsequent judgements is your loss.

In a similar way, if your man is in power and you use your loyalty to him to project him as your god and infallible super human. .. you would pay dearly for his errors of judgement when he eventually leaves power with legacies of failure and collapsed economy.

Wouldn't you rather put country first?

I am @IsqilNajim

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