We have so many higher institutions in Nigeria now….and the number increases almost every year. This is good, but studying a course for 4 years and above, especially most non-professional courses is what bothers me. PS: I am not advising or discouraging anyone to go abroad to study.
Here are my reasons:
1. Other countries: Top countries especially in Asia and Europe, even in Africa don’t use up to 4 years for a degree. Within 5 years or less, one can have his first Degree and Masters abroad. Our polytechnics don’t make things easy these days…after OND, one year of industrial attachment (most people now do theirs in their homes…no placement) you still do “post UME” for HND admission in the same school!
2. You may not practice: Now this is rampant in Nigeria…blame it on economic condition, peer pressure, parent’s will over yours and so on. So many undergraduates are studying that particular course because that is what the school “wants” for them. So, their mindset is “let me just finish this course and find better things to do with my life”. I have two medical doctor friends, one has dropped his stethoscope for the financial sector, the other one is practicing but says he will divert soon…AFTER SEVEN YEARS?!!!
3. Jack of all Trade: One of the major reasons why it takes us donkey years to get a degree in Nigeria is this!!! Your first year in school, you do all irrelevant courses. You will probably do your main specialty in your semi-finals or final year. This is a big time-waster. Why not face your course and get better with it. Jack of all trade, master of none.
4. Graduate Trainee Jobs: If you think you are studying a course that is not marketable in Nigeria, don’t worry much. As long as you are young and you have good grades, you will be fine. Big companies, most especially in the financial sector, oil and gas, and foods and manufacturing firms train their new intakes for weeks or months. Your job roles may not be relevant with your course of study, though.
Then why spend 4/5 years when u will still be trained?
5. ALMIGHTY STRIKE : Some courses slated for 4 years will turn to 7 years…no thanks to endless strikes. Chaos in school, government owing lecturers, etc… This is so appalling. Coupled with the fact that you will still serve the nation for a year, that makes it 8. That wouldn't be nice if you started school in your twenties, would it?
This may sound subjective, but the truth be told. Spending so many years for a course is not a good sign for a developing country like Nigeria. Some lecturers just give you the same old note they used during their tenure in school. If the number of years cannot be altered, then let the educational sector be improved. There is so much “La cram La Pour” in Nigerian schools today.


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