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Of Tambuwal, PDP and Politics of Morality

Politics have no relation to morals....Niccolo Machiavelli

There have been debates about the morality of Speaker of the House of Representative remaining in office after decamping from the ruling party. There have been divided opinions among who should know better. Lawyers, thinkers, politicians and Doctors harping on morality and constitutional provision. But one thing appear to be very common among them, they are all playing the ostrish and dancing to a boring song. Everyone taking moral angle but most of them are either partisans or deliberately blind to the hypocrisy playing itself out.

I look at the debate and found that the problem is not Tambuwal.... the problem is Jonathan and PDP....  here is why.

Tambuwal was not elected as Speaker by PDP but by the House Members. His election was a protest against PDP which wanted a South West Speaker... It was a protest against Jonathan for violating the PDP zoning agreement and contested the presidential election in 2011. And to show him that he cannot always have his ways, the Reps decided to throw out PDP candidate Mulikat Akande-Adeola, from the South West.

From that period onward, there was imbalance in PDP's power sharing formula and it was South West that lost out. However, the Rep were not ready to be Jonathan's rubber stamp as subsequent events have shown.

That said. Talking about the morality of  Tambuwal remaining on his seat after defection, you will recall that PDP started this madness of political cross carpeting.. Using its federal might, many members from other political parties were cajoled to decamp to PDP and thus turning the nation into a one party state. In the beginning we had three strong parties but ended up with just one dominating party until Tinubu started rebuilding what was left of the opposition party after PDP under OBJ failed to conquer Lagos.

It is therefore morally wrong for the president and the police to apply selective justice simply because they are so desperate. The reason all these noises are elevated to deafening pitch is because APC seems to be getting more sympathies across the country while the masses become more impatient with the ruling party.  In their wisdom, therefore, anything that can be done to crush the advancing party is justified. Including selective application of law.

PDP have pocketed other smaller parties with no one able to complain. APGA, LP etc are technically PDP. And have you also noticed that someone did worse that Tambuwal in Ondo State by decamping from LP to PDP. He was later appointed as Jonathan's South West campaign coordinator. The Police did not withdraw his orderlies nor asked him to resign. They did not lock him out of his office or refused to acknowledge him. why? because he was favoured by the president.

There are others in this mould. There are those who have "ported" to other parties and are still enjoying their seats. They tried to intimidate Amaechi, and they succeeded in impeaching Adamawa Governor while they failed in Nassarawa..

My friend,  it is all politics. Dirty politics made in Aso Rock and distributed by the police. Let the court decide not PDP, NOT Jonathan. And if by any means Tambuwal must resign, the public and activists should have the moral right to compel Mimiko and his commissioners to resign and go for reelection. he has done the same thing as Tambuwal. If they cant do this, then it is double standard, and hypocrisy of highest order.

And a sage once observed "A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true."

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