Birthday Meditation: The arrogant weather knocked again

The arrogant weather knocked again, 
And sent her cold wind to caress my naked back. 
With air of absolute authority, 
She interrupted my fantasy journey in dreamland; 
Bringing me to reality and back to living. 
I smiled with gratitude...
... and lazily perform my usual morning meditation.
As I behold the dawn in its freshness; 
I look at the ceiling, 
Wondering what the day will bring forth, 
Life holds so much meaning when the heart is steady in focus 
Away from maddening crowd of negative thinkers. 
Today, I step into a new new year 
Holding firmly to the faith in the living God 
And honour of inspiring friends, associates and strangers. 
Plus the motivation of critics and blame traders. 
Theirs is blessing forever cherished, 
As they inspire inward soul searching... 
And reexamination of life before it goes astray. 
Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by gratitude 
and sense of debt 
To many too numerous to mention... 
And most especially, 
To one whose love and body conceived the man 
And so, the rest of my day, 
I dedicate to a dear mother!

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