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Mathematical formula to predict who wins an election in Nigeria

I know who will win the election! Here is the formula ------>>> L=i/mR 

Only for those who understand physics!

The political pendulum is no longer obeying the law of physics... It is now obeying the law of exigency as defined by a Special constant called "Naija Factor"...

I know who will win the election! Here is the formula ------>>> L=i/mR

The "L" (length of time an executive in any party spend in Government house in Nigeria) is directly proportional to "i" Naija Factor and inversely proportional to the product of "m" (infrastructural delivery) and "R" (Distance between Politicians and the electorates). Provide their is no third term agenda and that he has not exhausted his tenure.

To calculate "Naija Factor"------ divide commonsense by reality then multiply the result by, stomach Infrastructure index, sentiment, tribalism, religion and hope.. provided the opposition index is negligible

 It is the PEOPLE vs the POLITICIANS . Will the people win this time? Too close to call...

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